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Stay safe on your FACEBOOK!

Facebook logo (c) copyright facebook.comFacebook is a social network phenomena used widely by a vast number of people on a daily basis. Many users of this social network had already experienced some form of fraudulent activity in one way or the other. Even if the fraudsters aren’t trying to gain any money directly from you, they can still use you to their benefit in other more sophisticated ways. One of the most obvious ways to do so is promoting websites or products on Facebook without your consent or knowledge. These people earn real money for advertising services that they provide to companies whose products or websites they promote. The outcomes of such activities are likes of pages that you have never heard off nor clicked ‘like’ but they still appear on your profile page.


Usually such fraudsters create fake web sites. The names of such web sites are not known to anyone, normally just a random word followed by .NET, .COM etc. domain name. They tend to use non English language in their websites as then English speaking people are unable to assess the content of such malicious websites.

AVG antivirus now available for Android™ users

Very good news for Android™ users, AVG released antivirus version for Android™ operating system. Now every Android™ user can install AVG antivirus from google play store without any fee. This antivirus software is completelly free and also available for iOS.

AVG Antivirus™ logo

Battle against the viruses

Many computer users have had problems with computer viruses. For this reason, I decided to write this article that describes how to deal with them.

Few essential rules

  1. Always have an antivirus on your computer;
  2. Never turn off anti-virus;
  3. Keep antivirus up to date;
  4. Don't browse suspicious web pages;
  5. Don't take computer programs from people's which you know poor;
  6. Do not open any links sent via chat (eg Skype) if you are not sure then that is real person not a robot. Viruses often try to act like a real person, but most likely not be able to answer to a question. "What is this?" if you will ask about sent to you web link.

MD5 Bruteforcer

MD5 Bruteforcer

This is a program which is designed to decode MD5 encrypted text. In this program you can choose the desired ASCII character sets, which will be used to generate possible encoded words.

WARNING: This software, after some .NET framework updates, has some issues and not working, requires review of very old code. But currently, i have not so much time to fix it. 

Windows XP
Windows VISTA
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