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HaXe - is a completely new approach to programming, is a versatile open-source, high-level, multiplatform programming language described on its website as a "universal language". This programming language created by Nicolas Cannasse - Motion-Twin - french multimedia and game development co-operative society. The versatility of HaXe programming language is the ability to compile HaXe code to different platforms, eg. JavaScript, Flash, NekoVM, PHP and C++. HaXe also announced about C# and Java support in future.

Databases and timeout

Working with databases sometimes require to change default sql statement execution timeout. But in most of cases programmers miss this value with database connection's timeout.

Work with ProgressBar

Working with ProgressBar (System.Windows.Forms.ProgressBar) control we processing some items. In such case typically we write cycle and initialize ProgressBar with current progress value. Once i got idea to simplify this.

Normally every ProgressBar has such value members:

  1. int Minimum
  2. int Maximum
  3. int Value
We can do cycle like this:

MSSQL database tables analysis

Sometimes it's important to know how much hard disk space used by a particular database table. Here are the T-SQL scripts to perform this task.

ADO.NET Programming using interfaces

This article aims to show how to work with ADO.NET using System.Data interfaces. For example from System.Data.IDbConnection interface are derived all connection classes, eg. SqlConnection, OleDbConnection, OdbcConnection, MySqlConnection, OracleConnection & etc... Same as all ADO.NET commands are derived from System.Data.IDbCommand interface.

Many developers initialize these objects when they use them. I offer to implement wrapper class which will handle all ADO.NET stuff for developer. As this class works with low level interfaces, like IDbCommand, IDbConnection it can handle any ADO.NET provider. Such class demo example is shown below. 

Using such wrapper class your code will be more business logic based rather than filled with ADO.NET objects initialization which makes hard readable code and if you will find some ADO.NET objects initialization error you will require just to change wrapper class rather than to change all your program code where it used.

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