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Stay safe on your FACEBOOK!

Facebook logo (c) copyright facebook.comFacebook is a social network phenomena used widely by a vast number of people on a daily basis. Many users of this social network had already experienced some form of fraudulent activity in one way or the other. Even if the fraudsters aren’t trying to gain any money directly from you, they can still use you to their benefit in other more sophisticated ways. One of the most obvious ways to do so is promoting websites or products on Facebook without your consent or knowledge. These people earn real money for advertising services that they provide to companies whose products or websites they promote. The outcomes of such activities are likes of pages that you have never heard off nor clicked ‘like’ but they still appear on your profile page.


Usually such fraudsters create fake web sites. The names of such web sites are not known to anyone, normally just a random word followed by .NET, .COM etc. domain name. They tend to use non English language in their websites as then English speaking people are unable to assess the content of such malicious websites.

AVG antivirus now available for Android™ users

Very good news for Android™ users, AVG released antivirus version for Android™ operating system. Now every Android™ user can install AVG antivirus from google play store without any fee. This antivirus software is completelly free and also available for iOS.

AVG Antivirus™ logo

InfranView - Batch images processing

Sometimes we need to process hundreds of images, for example after some tourism trip you got hundreds or even thousands of pictures which you want to post on the web. But typically their size is to big for internet, for example each foto is 3264 x 2176 size or even bigger but for web enough is 800x600 or 1024x768. Easy way to process all these photo is to use InfranView for this.


Lythum Bar

Lythum Bar

Probably not once you have seen colleagues and other people's computer desktops, which was heavily crowded with a variety of applications and file icons and other shortcuts. Maybe you're one of those people. When in your desktop is such chaos - work is not effective, not efficient, then the required files are hard to find and after some time possible to find few copies of same files. Also, when user does not know where is his important files he can easily lose them, for example after Windows reinstall because he forgot to backup them.

Desktop Applications
Windows XP
Windows VISTA
Windows 7

Russian phonetic keyboard

Sometimes we need to write in russian cirrylic but standard Microsoft Windows supported russian keyboard layout (ЙЦУКЕН) is to hard to handle and to adaptate. These standards are called by first letters which you will write 'QWERTY'.

Typical russian keyboard layout 'ЙЦУКЕН'

Setting up default Open Office save format

Using OpenOffice (OO) people want then by default OpenOffice saved documents in compatible with Microsoft Office file formats, like xls, doc & etc. There are short instructions how to setup OO to do this.

Open Office

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