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AVG antivirus now available for Android™ users

Very good news for Android™ users, AVG released antivirus version for Android™ operating system. Now every Android™ user can install AVG antivirus from google play store without any fee. This antivirus software is completelly free and also available for iOS.

AVG Antivirus™ logo

Battle against the viruses

Many computer users have had problems with computer viruses. For this reason, I decided to write this article that describes how to deal with them.

Few essential rules

  1. Always have an antivirus on your computer;
  2. Never turn off anti-virus;
  3. Keep antivirus up to date;
  4. Don't browse suspicious web pages;
  5. Don't take computer programs from people's which you know poor;
  6. Do not open any links sent via chat (eg Skype) if you are not sure then that is real person not a robot. Viruses often try to act like a real person, but most likely not be able to answer to a question. "What is this?" if you will ask about sent to you web link.

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