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AVG antivirus now available for Android™ users

Very good news for Android™ users, AVG released antivirus version for Android™ operating system. Now every Android™ user can install AVG antivirus from google play store without any fee. This antivirus software is completelly free and also available for iOS.

AVG Antivirus™ logo

Today is very popular to develop mobile applications software. And some mobile devices software developers, developing their software, include some malicious code in it, eg. stealing of any your private information from your mobile devices, including google accounts and etc. Until for mobile devices was not available any antivirus software, this mobile devices world was in complete chaos and anarchy, when anyone was able to do anything with your mobile device, to stole any your personal information and etc. After releasing AVG antivirus for mobile devices, this situation started to change in good side.

AVG Antivirus offers real time protection, every newly installed application scanning and it has some extra advantages which help to manage your mobile device.