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Most efficient way to contact us, via Web form below. Reply will be send in the Web form specified your email address (if will be specified real and working e-mail address) or cell phone (only at work hours and days, in Lithuanian time zone GMT+2)


  • Cell phone: +370 604 55963
  • Skype (very rare online):

If you wish to contact us via Skype, please shortly describe yourself and reason for your reąuest. Because a lot of people sending invitations, after what they don't write anything. Elsewhere Skype contact won't be accepted. currently is not the company, but private person which working with the business license, which allows to recruit other workers and we are capable to do big projects, with which we have most of experience. Basically, we are more oriented to work with big and solid copanies, institutions or organizations. Long term business partnership preffered. 

Contact instantly (via Web form):

* Warning! If you will submit invalid e-mail address, won't be possible to reply!