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GK System

Probably my biggest project is the GK system. Via this system are managed all postal packages, mail delivery, and advertising distribution processes. GK system also includes the printing of customer invoices, customer debts and incidents management. Basically, this system covers all business processes in this area.

This system was designed by a few months and the first version came out in early 2010. This system uses the UAB "Greitasis Kurjeris" company. Since then, this system is still expanding and evolving.

Since this company is large and located in all regions of Lithuania and it has a lot of workers, this system works using internet. This project currently uses the following technologies: .NET Framework 2.00 C#, MSSQL / T-SQL, Java (Android application), XML SOAP Web-services, ASP.NET. Also this system includes strict security and cryptography algorithms like: RSA, AES & etc...

GK System

The system consists of the following modules:

Registered mail input module

GK System - Registered mail input module

Registered mail are letters that are registered in the system as separate entries. Via this module operators entering the new registered mail, each operator can only see their own entered letters. This module has two data entry functionalities, the first functionality allows you enter one letter, which is more comfortable to enter only one entry, and a second functionality allows you to enter large lists of mails at once. The possibility of quickly and easily enter large lists of data significantly simplifies the operator's work, especially if necessary to enter long lists of mails from the client's cover letters.

Registered mail search module

GK System - Registered mail search module

This is registered mail search module, which allows advanced registered mail search.

Simple mail input module

Simple letters are the letters that are registered in the quantities by weight and zone.

Mail packages registration module

GK System - Mail packages registration module

A module which registers mail packages.

Mail inquiries Module

GK System - Mail inquires module

With help of this module are solved clients inquiries about some package delivery. For example customer calls to the company to find out whether the letter or package was delivered. Such inquiries are recorded in this module and then responsible personnel gives an answer to the query and for example attaches scanned bill of lading with the recipient signature & etc. This module allows to write conversations similar to facebook wall comments about some letter and to attach files to it.

Mail state assignment module

Mail state assignment module

This is module, through which are assigned packages and letters states, for example: given to postman, delivered and etc... This module allows to set state for more than one record at once, for example for all bill which contains letters list & etc.

Delivery dockets printing module

GK System - Delivery dockets printing module

This module prints various delivery docket forms, these delivery dockets are generated by delivery zones and other territories. 

Pension module

Via this module are registered pensions delivery.

Courier calls sub-system 

GK System - Courier calls sub-system

This sub-system is designed to manage courier calls, for example client requests a courier for courier services.

This sub-system consists of the following parts:

Courier calls administration (back-end)

This system part is developed as one of back-end administration modules. It includes management of courier calls, couriers dictionary & etc...

Courier calls website for customers (front-end)

This is small Web page developed on ASP.NET which allows for customers to request courier, client can specify date and time when he need a courier.

Courier calls – couriers module (Android Application)

This syb-system part is Android application that is installed on all couriers smart-phones. Thanks to this program couriers able to get real time updates about new courier requests and to send back to the system status of each request, eg. some request was completed & etc...  Administrative back-end can assign courier to specific request but some courier calls has no assigned courier and thanks to this program couriers able to assign some request to them and to report status of each request.

Advertising orders

GK System - Advertising orders

That's a big ad distribution module that allows to utilize the existing shipments and mail delivery infrastructure for the advertising distribution purposes.

Billing module

GK System - Billing module

In this system, each customer has a responsible person – manager, who is working with this client, this means that each manager only works with their clients and don't see other clients. Via this module manager prints own customers invoices, invoicing module is developed in this way then in single invoice will be included all services which was done per specified period of time, eg. post packages or letters delivery, ad distribution, couriers requests & other services.

Pricing system

GK System - Order

In this system also implemented a flexible pricing system that allows you to create flexible pricing, for example. can be common prices, different prices for some city, country, for specific client or for specific client specific city or specific country and etc... Pricing system also includes prices by weight ranges, zone types and few more conditions.


GK System - Reports

This system has variety of reports, some of reports are developed using Crystal Reports technology and are shown as report with possibility to print or to export these reports to PDF, MS Excel, MS Word and etc. And also exist another reports, called CSV reports which will be saved as CSV file and opened with default CSV opening program, by default it opens Microsoft Excel, where the staff can work with generated report data.

Some of reports:

  • Delayed letters or packages;
  • Used over a specified period invoice numbers;
  • Employee productivity report;
  • Customer ratings – in this system employees able to vote for each company's client (like/dislike);
  • Margin report;
  • Turnover report;
  • Pension reports;
  • Mail inquiries report – By client, by company divisions, quantities by division;
  • The various statistical reports.

Users and user rights module

This system has users and user rights sub-system, which allows flexible user rights management. According to the user rights of specific worker, specific worker will see just allowed to use modules or functions.

The user interface

For this system was specially developed and enhanced some UI controls, some of them:

  • Date Range - This is a newly designed control which allows to set the date range from date and to date, in this element possible to select for example. today, yesterday, tomorrow and the date range will be set to specified date range;
  • Enchanced ListView - all of ListView type controls have right mouse click menu, where users can see current list records count, the ability to select all items or to copy all or just selected items to the clipboard. Also ListView supports few types columns resizing, for example sizes by percentage & etc;
  • Enchanced ListBox - This is element of the ListBox control type to filter records by typed by user text;

Search system

A large part of the system modules supports cached search mode, which allows a quick search without database access just simply typing text.