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HaXe - is a completely new approach to programming, is a versatile open-source, high-level, multiplatform programming language described on its website as a "universal language". This programming language created by Nicolas Cannasse - Motion-Twin - french multimedia and game development co-operative society. The versatility of HaXe programming language is the ability to compile HaXe code to different platforms, eg. JavaScript, Flash, NekoVM, PHP and C++. HaXe also announced about C# and Java support in future.

In order to simplify one programming language code porting to another programming language was created HaXe. HaXe is an object oriented programming language which syntax is familiar to ActionScript, java, C#, C++.

HaXe can produce:

  1. Flash applications and games;
  2. Multi-platform client-side web applications;
  3. Apache CGI web applications;
  4. Multi-platform stand-alone applications (Windows, Linux, Mac OS), including mobile applications for platforms such as webOS, iOS and Android. The latter generally requires additional SDKs to utilize the platform.

Popular HaXe IDEs

Flash Develop - An opensource IDE.

FDT - Commercial product, developed as Eclipse extension.

TextMate - For Mac users.


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