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InfranView - Batch images processing

Sometimes we need to process hundreds of images, for example after some tourism trip you got hundreds or even thousands of pictures which you want to post on the web. But typically their size is to big for internet, for example each foto is 3264 x 2176 size or even bigger but for web enough is 800x600 or 1024x768. Easy way to process all these photo is to use InfranView for this.

You can download this freeware program here. After you download and install this program follow these steps:
  1. Open InfranView;
  2. Go to File -> Batch Conversion/Rename or just press B key shortcut;
  3. Browse to your image files;
  4. Add some files for processing;
  5. Select output directory, where processed images will be stored;
  6. Check Use advanced options checkbox and click button Advanced;
  7. You will get dialog with a lot of options, here you can setup what to do with these images, for example: resize, crop, convert to grayscale and etc..
  8. After you setup Advanced processing options and output directory just click Start Batch button.