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Russian phonetic keyboard

Sometimes we need to write in russian cirrylic but standard Microsoft Windows supported russian keyboard layout (ЙЦУКЕН) is to hard to handle and to adaptate. These standards are called by first letters which you will write 'QWERTY'.

Typical russian keyboard layout 'ЙЦУКЕН'Also Microsoft Windows supports Russian (Typewriter) standard:

Russian (Typewriter)Which not so much different from previous one. But thanks to enthusiasts was born few another russian keyboard layout standards also called phonetic russian keyboard layouts.

Here are direct links to author's website, they also contains some troubleshooting information:

English language:

Russian language:

Why russian phonetic keyboard is better? because you don't need to learn hard and non-typical 'ЙЦУКЕН' letters layout. Phonetic keyboard layout more friendly, example you press 'A' and it writes russian 'A', you press 'R' it writes russian 'R' (which is 'Р'), for example:

Latin key Russian letter

Exist few phonetic keyboard layouts, from which you can select and to downoad which is better for you just pressing on corresponding keyboard layout screen image link!

Standard "яЖерт"

Keyboard layout "яЖерт"

This standard probably will be best for lithuanians and also for those who uses Lithuanian IBM keyboard layout. Because then few lithuanian letters will be compatible with russian letters, example lithuanian IBM stnadard Ž letter on same key where is russian Ж letter (which are same).

This keyboard layout author's website link: 

Standard "яВерт"

Вариант, "яВерт", отличается только тем, что ровно наоборот расположены русские 'В' и 'Ж'

This standard is almost same as яЖерт. Just letters Ж ir В are replaced.


This keyboard layout author's website link:

Standartas "Student"

Вариант "Студенческая раскладка", очень популярный (в том числе среди иностранцев, изучающих русский).

This keyboard layout author's website link:

Russian phonetic keyboard layout for german keyboard

In german keyboard few keyboard letters are swapped, this version is for such keyboard:

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This article idea is to provide information about russian phonetic keyboard in lithuania.

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