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Setting up default Open Office save format

Using OpenOffice (OO) people want then by default OpenOffice saved documents in compatible with Microsoft Office file formats, like xls, doc & etc. There are short instructions how to setup OO to do this.

Open OfficeFirst open OpenOffice's Tools -> Options:

Open Office Meniu - Tools -> Options

After you press Options dialog will be shown:

In this dialog require to choose Load/Save tree item and to go to General child item. Then in right side will be shown "Document type", setup "Allways save as" formats as Microsoft Office programs.

Where is the Document type you will find formats for all file types (doc, xls, pps), select and setup all of they.

Recommended settings for Microsoft Office:

Document type

Allways save as

Text document Microsoft Word 97/2000/XP Corresponds Microsoft Word or Open Office - Write
Spreadsheet Microsoft Excel 97/2000/XP Corresponds Microsoft Excel or Open Office - Calc.
Presentation Microsoft Power Point 97/2000/XP Corresponds Microsoft Power Point or Open Office - Presentation