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Lythum Bar

Lythum Bar

Probably not once you have seen colleagues and other people's computer desktops, which was heavily crowded with a variety of applications and file icons and other shortcuts. Maybe you're one of those people. When in your desktop is such chaos - work is not effective, not efficient, then the required files are hard to find and after some time possible to find few copies of same files. Also, when user does not know where is his important files he can easily lose them, for example after Windows reinstall because he forgot to backup them.

The purpose of this program is not just a solution to this problem, but a lot better and more efficient computer work organization. The program is designed for work computers, but you can use it in home computers too. After installing this program it will start automatically with Windows operating system and will be visible at the top of desktop.

User can customize this program appearance in program settings (eg. to choose any font, size, background and foreground colors), also available two different icons sizes and few predefined apperance styles. User must specify folder which will be used as all toolbar shortcuts root, in this root folder he can create folders and sub folders which will be displayed as sub-menus.

Desktop Applications
Windows XP
Windows VISTA
Windows 7